Introducing EPT

Enhanced Performance Techniques is a programme of meditation and visualisation exercises combined with yoga stretches and breathwork, designed for musicians and aimed at bringing mind and body into the right state for performing.

It is the fruit of some 30 years of personal and professional development on the part of Sophie Langdon, professor of violin at the Royal Academy of Music for over 20 years and one of Britain's leading violinists.

Sophie LangdonSophie writes: "I trained in meditation some 30 years ago, when I was ridiculously busy with an overly intense concert schedule. I found it increased my capacity, enabled relaxation, reduced my stress levels - and a handy side-effect was how it affected my state of being on the concert platform, and also during preparation. It reduced the level of adrenaline, slowed breathing and lowered the heart rate, so that when performance excitement was added, just the right amount of concert nerves remained, and control was really enhanced. Taking risks became easier!"

"When teaching some years later, I helped my students who had severe stage nerve issues by giving them a programme of meditation and visualisation exercises - the results were excellent. This was the start of my approach, which I refined over the years. In the late 1990s I began practising yoga, and am currently completing a Yoga Teacher Training. I added a carefully designed range of Yoga stretches and breathing exercises to the practices I had already developed. This increased the ability to relax and be ready to meditate or practise and perform."

EPT in practice

Since 2012 Sophie has been running EPT workshops for musicians of all ages - from age 14 to 25, and even up to age 60. All found benefits from learning EPT skills. They have been mainly classical performers: most instruments of the orchestra, singers and pianists. So far these workshops have been for students at the Royal Academy of Music and members of the the Southbank Sinfonia.

You can read about the positive effects of EPT that musicians have experienced on the Testimonials page.

This website is the first stage of a plan to make EPT skills and techniques available to musicians everywhere. Once the website is bedded in, Phase 2 will will be the development of a mobile phone app. We currently expect EPT to be available to everyone late in 2017.

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