RAM clarinet student: "I discovered Enhanced Performance Techniques last year through my tutor. Because I was feeling unhappy with my playing, she suggested that I have some sessions with Sophie Langdon, and that was the start of my EPT journey... For me EPT is based on both mental and physical practice processes. Although there is the EPT Two Week Pre-event Programme, I consider that it is overall a new way of practising and preparing. EPT consists of three main parts which support each other in different ways. These three parts include visualizing, yoga and meditation.

Visualisation Techniques - When I support my practising with these techniques I do not need to practice as much as in the past. Day by day I realised that practising without visualising my performance is a waste of time and energy. Visualising is not only a thinking process but also I teach the piece to my muscles. Reading score and fingering without blowing become a part of my daily practise especially for the passagges I struggle with.

Yoga stretches - After I met Sophie last year,I have started to do yoga and now it is a part of my life. It makes my life happier. I feel like the more I make my body softer, the more my life/my playing is getting easier."

RAM percussion student: "Prior to taking the EPT pathway I used to just sit down and read on my phone during my practice breaks and would often feel more fatigued after the break than before. But I have found that doing some yoga stretches in place of this has made me more physically and mentally refreshed and has meant that I go into the next session of my practice day feeling more positive and attentive, leading to a more effective post-break session. Mediation and yoga have undoubtedly had a positive effect on my playing and performance, as have some of the other techniques we discussed throughout EPT."

RAM cello student: "Stage fright has been the biggest barrier to me pursuing life as a performer. Over the years when I was studying in Hong Kong, I tried hard to overcome the performance anxiety but the results were inconsistent. It was frustrating and there was nothing I could do. People would always give me advice like 'stop worrying too much', or 'just relax', but no one ever told me 'how' to apply that. Disappointing friends, teachers, and myself over and over again was so demoralizing that I almost gave up trying be a performer until I took part in the Enhanced Performance Techniques Pathway with Sophie Langdon.

I practiced the two-week visualization programme along with meditation for the EPT performing session and I was amazed by the outcome from these preparations. Usually during the day before the big event, I feel anxious and my pulse level is so high that I can barely go to sleep. However, with this two-week preparation for the brain, I experienced my first time of having a truly peaceful day before the performance. I achieved a calm start on the performance day and everything seemed so under control that I could feel the adrenalin level was significantly lower compared with the experiences I have had before."

RAM flute student: "I used Sophie's performance log and bitesize audio clips along with the visualisation techniques in order to logically prepare in the weeks coming up to the performance. I imagined everything from the amount of chairs to the sound and position of the piano in the hall and what I would eat for breakfast on the day. All of these techniques paid off and I was extremely happy with my level of concentration and musicality in the exam. "

RAM piano student: "By using the knowledge I have been given during the course I believe I managed to become more connected to myself, more of an enjoying musician rather than a working and struggling one. I am intended to continue to practice the techniques I have become familiar with and to explore new methods and ways to become more professional, successful and overall happy musician and person. "

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